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PLEASE DO NOT COME TO NUMI SCAN IF YOU OR YOUR FAMILY ARE SHOWING SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. You can now bring 5 guests with you into the clinic for your appointment. On entering the clinic please use the alcohol rub provided. Thank you for your cooperation.

2D, 3D & 4D Baby Scans

Welcome to Numi Scan Gateshead where our warm and welcoming team are always happy to help, going above and beyond for all of our patients and our ultrasound scan packages have been composed with you in mind.

At Numi Scan Gateshead we realise this is one of the most amazing times in your life. That's why we provide superior quality images for all of our baby scans.

Our 2D baby scan allows us to check how the baby is doing and provide a wellbeing report with every scan we do. Or alternatively you can go for one of our 4D baby scan packages that includes a wellbeing report, additional 3D photos and even a 4D 'HD Live' movie clips. Letting you share your baby's first smile, Yawn and even get a peek at their tiny little toes with your friends and family!

Baby Scan Packages

At Numi Scan Gateshead, we offer a full range of Baby scan packages. These include Early Pregnancy Reassurance scans from as early as 7 weeks. These are ideal for giving you an estimated due date.

Once the baby reaches 16 weeks, we can reveal your baby's gender with our Gender Reveal Scans (99.9% accurate). Either breaking the news with one of our awesome confetti cannons or something a little more discreet. Then from 25 weeks, you can get to see your babies precious face in 3D, 4D and HD. Unlike other clinics, HD comes as standard.

At our Gateshead clinic we also offer Well-Being, Growth and Presentation Scans which tell you all of the baby's measurements, weight and much more.

Who are we?

At Numi Scan Gateshead, We are one of the leading providers of private obstetrics ultrasound scans in Gateshead. Offering outstanding customer care in our custom-built clinic where we have partnered, the latest top of the range equipment within a luxury setting. Displaying your scan on our 2 units of 42inch LED TV and Projector so you can see every little detail in a comfortable, personal, and relaxed non-clinical setting.

All of our sonographers are fully qualified and highly skilled in obstetrics ultrasound. With a wealth of experience producing the highest standard of 2D, 3D, 4D and HD images.

Our clinic is ideally located at High Street Gateshead situated along the A184 which is easily accessible from A1, A167 and A19. With easy access, parking is available on the street in front of the clinic and also within Tesco Extra (Gateshead Trinity  Square) which is just 2 minutes walking distance from the clinic. Just so you know, our clinic is opposite the VUE cinema and Tesco Extra at Gateshead Trinity Square.

At Numi Scan. We understand that pregnancy and the thought of giving birth can be a worrying and an anxious time for not only mum, but your partner too.

So, contact us today for more information on our services and clinic.

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Our clinics have a boutique feel with designer furniture and slick decor to ensure you have an experience to remember.

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Grd Floor 203;
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Phone: 0191 422 9570
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Email: info@gatesheadnumiscan.co.uk

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